It's Time to End the Tax-Exempt Status

I sent CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network) headed by Pat Robertson a piece from my blog which contained the prediction that Obama would win reelection. I was not saying in the piece that we should support one candidate or the other. However, I received an email from them in which they said they cannot support any candidate for office. Why were they so defensive to get that out of what I had said in my blog? I had not mentioned that at all about who to support. What were they trying to protect?

It is extremely obvious what they were trying to protect. They were trying to protect their tax-exempt status. This is the very tool Satan has used all these decades to keep the Church quiet while he systematically dismantles this country from the foundations God laid for this country through our Founding Fathers. All these decades, more and more of our freedoms and moral principles have been undermined by a growing government, and the Church has remained quiet. Why? Because, they were told by the government they would lose their tax-exempt status if they spoke up.

It is time to stop letting Satan call the shots. It is time to stand up to the moral dismantling of our society by leftists. It is time to rise up and say, “To hell with my tax-exempt status!” It is time to take back what the enemy has stolen. It is time to rise up and save this country before it is totally destroyed by God’s wrath. There is very little time left to do this. It truly is now or never in this next term of Obama.

Let us examine the true spirit behind the desire to have a tax-exempt status by the churches. God said, “You shall have no other gods before me.” (Exodus 20:3) What are the churches, CBN and others worrying about when they are afraid of losing their tax-exempt status? They are afraid of the extra expense they will incur when they lose that status. What is more important to them, then? When they choose to not take a position on a moral issue to protect their financial status, then there is no question: they place money as being more important than God. I do not care how much they have helped others through Operation Blessing and through other ministries; when they choose that money is more important than God in any situation, then they are worshipping a false god.

It is because of CBN’s silence and the Church’s silence all these decades when prayer was taken out of our schools, abortion became legal, etc. that we have the predicament we are in today. We get bad leaders who do not know God, our money spent to a state of bankruptcy by the government, and so on that God has finally said, “Enough! I have given you your chance. If you do not rise up now and take back this country, then this country and you, their watchmen, will all face my wrath and this nation shall be destroyed.”

It is time for God’s Church to shake off the satanic shackles of the tax-exempt status and start taking this country back for God. God has lost his patience with us and within four years, all those who are today protecting their tax-exempt status will not have any money or nation to worry about any more. We will truly be in a dark and chaotic time within these next four years. If you are worried about your money now; just wait four years when God will have stripped you of all you have.

“You wicked and slothful servant. You knew I reap where I sowed not and gather where you have not strawed. You should have given my money to the exchangers, and then at my coming I should have earned interest (i.e. fruit from your actions). Take therefore from him (my pansy Church) the talent (the job I have given my Church) and give to him who has ten talents (the ones in God’s Church who have no fear). For to everyone that has shall be given, and he shall have abundance: but from him that has not shall have taken away even that little bit he has. And cast the unprofitable servant into outer darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth. (Matthew 25:26-30)

Note: There is always gnashing of teeth by those who are touched by God’s wrath, and weeping goes without saying.

Additional Information:  The tax-exempt status is first mentioned in ancient Egypt during Joseph’s time. The priests were exempt from taxes. These priests followed the false Egyptian gods, and thus the origins of the tax-exempt status are satanic. It was designed for the Church in our time to commit spiritual adultery with man-made governments.

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One Comment on “It's Time to End the Tax-Exempt Status”

  1. Thank you for your comment. You see my rebuke of CBN, but failed to see the true message behind the rebuke. God tells us in his word to correct those who are in error. I cannot go before CBN with someone else and present before them where they are in error. They will not even give me the pleasure of an audience. They are in a high position who can muster support around this country to stop the disaster fast approaching us, but instead choose to stay silent when we have no more time to be silent. I am rebuking them, because they are the ones who brought up their tax-exempt status to me, and they are not the only ones hiding behind this status, but are the ones with whom I was talking.

    I am a watchman appointed by God to warn this country of his imminent judgment on this country. I am required by God to bring this message. The stock market will collapse in the fall of 2015 and at that point, there will be no more time to save this nation. God’s judgment will finish its job to destroy this nation from that point on with no chance to stop it. CBN and the others in the church cannot let the tax-exempt status keep them from speaking out against what is absolutely needed to save this nation: repentance. They cannot let their status stop them from speaking out against gay marriage, abortion and no prayer allowed in the public arena anymore. God says he will wait no longer. We have to act now. I am not going to wait for these people to wake up. There is no time left to wait. I have to do what is necessary to wake them up now. They are the ones in position to get the word out and yet they stay silent. That is a spirit of witchcraft, I for one will not tolerate.

    Yes, we should pay more taxes if that is required. God can supply us the money to afford that. You have to see, when CBN and others do not speak out about the evil in this society just so they can save a little money by being tax-exempt, they are placing the false god of money ahead of their dependence on God to meet their needs. That is breaking God’s commandment of having no other gods before him. This is a time of shaking this country has never seen before or ever will again. Everyone who does not speak out about what is coming regarding God’s judgment is going to be swallowed up in this judgment, especially CBN. You should read my book to see what God says is going to happen to such people in the Church for not speaking up. I am simply restating what God said in my book is going to happen.

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