A Word to God’s Church

God says, “The United States government shall make its move against my church, because my church has transgressed my covenant, and transgressed against my law. My church shall cry to me saying, ‘I know you Lord!’ but it has cast off its one true love, and thus the enemy will pursue it.

“The people of my church have set up their selected rulers, but not by me: they have selected the people in the House and Senate of the states they live in as well as the U.S. government, and I never approved of what they did. They have placed money as the true idol in their lives; their false god. What more can I do but to cut them off from my mercy?

“Your idols, my church have kindled my anger against you. How long will it be before you become washed clean of the filth that covers your souls? You have made yourselves into the people you have become. You have abandoned me to follow those idols in your lives. Those idols of yours will be broken into pieces.

“You have sown the wind and will reap the whirlwind. The fruits you look for are not there. What fruits you do sew will be reaped by the spiritual Gentiles. My church has been swallowed up by the Gentiles. It has been found to be offensive to them. It has groomed itself to be presentable to the Gentiles and has come in agreement with its worldly agenda.

“Although it has done this, I will gather those in my church and allow them to suffer a little in the coming woes upon this nation and the other nations under my judgment. They must suffer some because of the sins in their lives they do not repent from committing. The idols in their lives must be cleansed. These altars of sin must be removed.

“My church who has my law written in their hearts has found my commandments repulsive. They wish to offer me prayers I cannot hear and sacrifices I cannot accept. The hearts of those in my church wish to go back into Egypt to enjoy the desires of the flesh. This I can never accept. The people in my church have forgotten their Maker and made houses of worship that do not truly worship me. The United States has a mighty military and large flourishing cities: but I am sending a fire upon these cities to devour their riches and bring down the might of the United States.”

God is going to cleanse his church. All who do not prepare for the judgment coming on this country will be swallowed up in his wrath; Christian and non-Christian. What will you do to prepare?

In the coming days, the economy of the United States will collapse. What will you do then? The mighty U.S. military will have its source of money cut off and will more than likely have to be disbanded for the most part. Are you prepared for the dangerous world this event will bring to our shores? The government is spending money at an unsustainable rate leading to a catastrophic collapse. Where will the world go for deliverance then when the U.S. has no more money to throw around?

Prepare for what is coming. Know that the only way of escape from total judgment on this nation and the other western nations is to repent and get back in a right relationship with God. It is the Christians responsibility to warn others of coming judgment. If you do not tell anyone, who will tell? Examine the prophecies in my book and see for yourself they have been coming to pass one after the other. Know that our time is short and get God’s warnings out to this nation. “Repent or be destroyed!”

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One Comment on “A Word to God’s Church”

  1. I love you, but you are deceived. You typify what God is talking about in this word. People may say God doesn’t exist, but that doesn’t stop God from existing. You can say Obama spends less than anyone before him, but it doesn’t change what God says he’s going to do.
    We murder babies at an astonishing rate and God says, “No more!” We cut off all food and water to a brain damaged woman (a horrible death) and God says, “No more!” I know from what you have said before you believe Obama is a savior. That is exactly why we are being judged.
    We have replaced a man and government to be our Savior instead of Jesus and God. Where was the church when this woman was killed by the government? If the church had risen up, they could have stopped this from happening. Instead, they did nothing. Until the church rises up in this country and does what is necessary, this nation will face God’s full wrath.

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