Jeremiah: Getting the Word Out

When I was receiving a word to write on my blog from the Lord, he interrupted it with a word he wants me to put out first. So you can expect a new word soon, but I have to take this time to make a pitch which is critical for this nation’s future.

More than 3 years ago my book was published and this blog was launched. No one bought the book, and I was averaging one visitor per day to my blog until the election grew close these last few weeks when the average jumped up to 15 per day. A lot of those visits were by Norwegians though to read my piece on “The Time of the Fig.” That small of an audience is not going to reach this nation. The night of the election just after Obama was declared the winner, I had 225 visitors to my blog. You can see the hunger for people to get an answer when a disaster like this takes place. However, Obama’s reelection is in accordance with God’s will, and we as Christians should be in line with God’s will. I for one would not vote for Obama, but at the same time I would not vote for Romney, because he was not the one God wanted to be president. I know this is hard for most Christians to understand, but that is the problem we have today. Christians have not made God a priority in their life, and thus they are out of tune with God’s will. Repentance is needed to get us back into tune with his will.

My book tells us what we must do to save this country from God’s judgment or should I say God’s wrath. We are headed down a path of destruction and four years from now, many people will have been killed, and this country will not be a country you recognize anymore. God’s wrath always results in a lot of death. God will purge out that which offends him and those who are in the way may very well face death. That makes it so vital for all of us to prepare for the days ahead.

With the election over, it has become so vital for this word to get out. With the election now behind us, things are going to begin to accelerate in the direction of more and more oppression, the shredding of our Constitution, and anarchy in the streets. As much as I detest saying this; four years from now you will know there was a prophet warning you all these things were going to happen. All of my prophecies for this time in my book have come to pass (except those for the future) or have been an ongoing fulfillment of prophecies I have given. Two examples of this from my book are what is going on in Syria today, and the other is the passage and legalization of Obama Care by the Supreme Court. My prophecy says that all attempts to stop this spirit’s agenda in the White House (Obama’s agenda) will be thwarted.

If you want to know what is coming our way, then buy my book. I cannot talk about everything here. I need people to pass this information on to others. This message has to get out. If you think I am saying this to make money, then you do not know me. I would like to get back my investment in this book, but I gave up on that idea long ago. This is about saving this country from God’s final judgment. His judgment has already begun, but there is still time to save this nation. Four years from now, it will be too late.

I talk about Iran in my book and also the Muslim Brotherhood. At the time I put the Muslim Brotherhood in my book, I had never heard of them; yet the Holy Spirit told me to put that in my book. After publishing it, I researched the Muslim Brotherhood and found out who and what they were. They of course have come into the spotlight lately because of what has happened in Egypt and other places. All I said in the book corresponds beautifully with what God was saying about them. He is going to deal with them. He is going to deal with Iran. He is going to deal with the Palestinians. Read the book if you want to know more.

So, we as Christians are the light to the world. Our lives should point to Jesus. If we know there is judgment coming and we stay silent trying to live out our own private lives, then those Christians who do this will also be caught up in God’ wrath. It is not pretty what is coming these next four years, so it is imperative you get on board and start doing something to get this word out. The choice is simple: repentance or destruction.

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