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Detecting False Prophets

October 14, 2012

There are so many people out there on the Internet that have had dreams and are making prophecies through these dreams that I am forced to address this issue. This would normally be something I would not put on the main part of my blog, but since so many people are searching for prophets and what they are saying, I need to give them some idea on what to look for to identify a false prophecy.

A few days ago I came across a prophecy by a woman who had a dream and immediately put that dream on YouTube and interpreted her dream. That sure was easy for her. That was suspicious in itself that she could interpret the dream so quickly. Often it takes another person God gives the interpretation to rather than the person that had the dream. Why? Because when one tries to interpret their own dream, then their flesh gets in the way, and that means the dream will mean what that person wants it to mean. We have to hear from God to get the interpretation. That is hard when one’s flesh gets in the way.

The woman went on to say, “God says to vote for Obama.” She just broke a rule for giving a prophetic word. Right then, it was clear it was a false prophecy. When God gives a prophetic word to someone, he then will speak to a prophet who will confirm that word to whom God has already spoken. This woman was not confirming words to anyone, but was rather instructing people to vote for Obama. That is not how prophecy works. Thus, she was uttering a false prophecy. If a prophet says to you, “Move to Arizona (and you do not live in Arizona), would you move to Arizona? No, you need to have heard from God first before you do something like that. So, do not listen to any prophet that tells you to do something that God has not confirmed to you, first.

Now there are many prophecies out there with people having dreams about disasters striking the country. One such prophecy concerns disasters happening by December of this year after Obama is reelected. Again it came from a dream, and how this dream was interpreted was not disclosed. You have to ask yourself, “Is the Holy Spirit confirming this to me in my spirit?” If you cannot answer yes to that question, then you have to put that kind of prophecy on the shelf and only leave it in your mind as a possibility. You should not be concerned about this until the Holy Spirit does speak to you about this matter.

Another question you have to ask is, “Where is Jesus in this equation?” Does this person speak to you from a New Testament type of perspective where salvation is the goal or maybe growth in the Lord or restoration back to God and Christ? Every prophecy always points back to the source which is God. God is trying to establish a close relationship with all people who will come to him for salvation through Jesus Christ. If Jesus or God is not in the middle of the prophecy in some form, then you must not listen to the prophecy.

Is what the prophet prophesying something that he or she probably wants to be true? Again, so many prophets prophesy things their flesh would like to be true, and those prophecies are many times false prophecies. I would much more trust a prophecy coming from someone who is prophesying something he or she does not want to happen; then there is much less possibility their flesh is interfering with hearing from God. A good example of that is in the book of Jeremiah where almost all the prophets were prophesying good things regarding the future of the kingdom of Judah. Jeremiah though was prophesying what he did not want to be true; and that was the destruction of the temple and the end of the kingdom.

This subject is vast and really needs a book written about it, and so I will stop here. From my experience, I would not pay much attention to any prophetic dreams you come across on the Internet. I have found them all contradictory in some form to what the word says or to what I know of God’s plans for this country. God is not hasty in destroying this country, but he will do what is necessary to get our attention before it becomes too late to save our nation. Look for prophets who are consistent with what the scripture says, and if you are not sure what the scripture has to say on a matter, then search the scriptures and let the Holy Spirit guide you to the truth. That is always the way it should be done.