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Delaying the Inevitable

August 31, 2012

Josiah was the last good king of Judah. He was the grandson of Manasseh who was an evil king that reigned for 55 years. The people of Judah had turned so far away from God that he gave them the ruler they deserved. Manasseh wrought such evil in Judah that when Josiah had the Torah read to him, he knew God’s wrath would be poured out on his kingdom. God told him, “I will bring evil upon this place and upon its inhabitants; even all the curses that are written in the book which they have read before the king of Judah: because they have forsaken me and have burned incense to other gods to provoke me to anger with all the works of their hands. Therefore, my wrath shall be poured out upon this place and shall not be quenched.” (2 Chronicles 34:24-25) God went on to say that Josiah would not live to see all this happen because he had his heart right with God. Josiah set out to destroy all things that were wrong in God’s eyes to set the kingdom of Judah back to honoring God again. However, because of all the evil Manasseh had done during his long reign, it was too late. Josiah was simple delaying the inevitable.

Today, so many people are pinning their hopes on Romney and Ryan putting the United States back on course to prosperity. However, God has already pronounced judgment on this country and if Romney were to win the election and become our next president, he would only be delaying the inevitable at best. God has pronounced judgment on this country and it has already begun. Judgment started in earnest in the fall of 2008 and continues to this day. Obama has been leading us to a financial crash that will destroy this country as we know it. Chaos in the streets is going to come and militias are going to take arms and fight against the federal government. What you have been seeing happening in Greece will pale in comparison to what is coming here. There are more details which will be shown in the movie that will be made from the book I have written when someone decides to pick up the screenplay I have co written with someone else. Dark days ahead for us are inevitable unless we repent. Judah did not, but we still have a chance to stop the inevitable by doing what our leaders would never even consider doing. They are a reflection of where we are spiritually today in relation to God. We have turned away from God in this country and so our leaders do not really consider God in the equation of solving this nation’s problems.

Listen to the politicians today. Listen to Rush Limbaugh and other religious and conservative voices. Listen to the Tea Party people. Are any saying, “Turn back to God, today; he is the solution to our national problems?” No, I have not heard any of these people say that. They all are looking for political solutions. They just say, “We must cut spending; we must reduce the national debt; we must repeal Obama Care.” I am sorry, but that is only treating the symptoms of the problem. The root of the problem is we have turned away from God in this country and have been given a Manasseh to lead this country to total destruction. God has given us the leader we deserve. His judgment will not be reversed unless we repent. Delaying the inevitable by electing Romney is no solution. Delaying only allows more future generations to suffer when we need to face up to the root of the problem, now. What greater selfishness is there when we decide we should put off suffering for ourselves and place that suffering in our children’s laps? That is not right in God’s eyes and gives us a great example of why God is not going to delay his judgment on us any longer and is going to finish his wrath on us this day.