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A Misconception About Obama's Reelection

July 17, 2012

I have noticed people coming to my blog with the idea that with the reelection of Obama, this country will be destroyed. There is a big misconception here about what the reelection of Obama means. I hope I can restate what I have said before and clear up this misconception. So, what does the reelection of Obama really mean, and does that mean if he is defeated in November, will this country be saved?

First, I am going to restate what I have said before: Obama is going to be reelected. If for some reason I am wrong on that count, then Romney’s election will make no difference regarding this country’s future. This country’s problem is a spiritual problem. Obama is not the problem but a symptom of the problem. I have been trying to urge people to get my book to understand what is going on spiritually in this country behind the scenes. That has not worked since hardly a soul has bought the book, but my concern is for the future of this country and not how many books are sold. If no one reads the book, how are they going to get informed. This blog does very little to reach people. Without a doubt, a major catastrophe is going to have to happen before anyone starts listening to this message. I am not the only one with this message, but I am the one told by God to deliver to this country the same message the prophet Jeremiah delivered to the kingdom of Judah around 2500 years ago.

Second, I must stress that there are spiritual forces behind what is going on today. What happens in the physical world does not occur before it first happens in the spiritual world. “God said” in the beginning of the Bible was a spiritual act and then the earth was created. What is happening today in the United States had already happened in the spiritual world. The spiritual world is real. It is in a higher dimension than in what we live. God can see us, but we cannot see him. He has set in motion laws that must be obeyed or chaos will ensue. Today, chaos is increasing in our nation and will come to a boil in the near future.

Why does the election of Romney make no difference in our future or since Obama will be reelected, why do I say destruction is not assured like many people think? God sent Jeremiah to warn the Jews to repent or their kingdom would come to an end. God would not have sent him to warn them if there was no hope. However, God did say it was going to happen because he knew Jeremiah’s warnings would be ignored. God gave me this message to warn us of the same fate that Judah faced. Judah had a choice but ignored the warnings. The question is, will we ignore the same warnings Judah faced long ago? God calls on this country to repent. We have abandoned God in this country. God has not abandoned us. God’s universal laws are in motion bringing about the destruction of this society and cannot be reversed if we do not repent. Electing Romney will not change that. People want to believe by electing certain individuals everything will be set right. It can never be set right without God in the White House and in all of our society.

Obama will continue to do the things he has been doing to undermine our country’s foundations. There is a spirit behind this that I identify in my book and that spirit is not going to go anywhere no matter who is elected in November. After all, what did George W. Bush do. He only increased spending and sent us into serious debt. Obama of course has been spending twice as much as Bush over the same time period and that is without accounting for the extra debt the  recently passed  Health Care law will put on all  taxpayers. Do not think for a second that the United States will be the first entity in history to not have a day of reckoning for not dealing with such debt. An economic collapse will occur before Obama’s second term is completed. I believe this is what he wants to happen so the framework he has been setting up all along will come together to rule this country with an iron fist after this event. He will have the totalitarian state he desires for us.

So, understand that Obama is not the cause of our coming destruction, but simply more of an agent being used by dark demonic forces that always put themselves in opposition to God’s will. God was behind the creation of this country and has used it to be a witness to other nations that God is the only God of this world and there is no other beside him. We have turned away from God and now have begun to reap the consequences. There is still hope, even after November, but our time will be very short before it does become too late to save this country. I am sure we do not have longer than the fall of 2015 to repent and turn back to God before there will be no turning back of his judgment on us.