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Obama's Reelection Prophecy

November 20, 2011

“You will begin to hear prophets saying Obama will not be reelected. Do not listen to these false words! Just as Hananiah the prophet told Judah the vessels of the house of God Nebuchadnezzar took would be returned in two years, prophets will tell us Obama will not be reelected so that we will not face the judgment that is coming and has already started to destroy us.”

This is the prophecy God has given me, lately. It goes along with my interpretation of a prophecy in my book which suggested to me Obama will be reelected. This is one of many important prophecies in my book, “Jeremiah’s Prophecies: The End of the United States.” There are many more including the future of Washington D.C. and its occupants. Now all that must be done is add a little background to this prophecy.

Hananiah was a prophet of God who did not want Judah to face God’s judgment that had already begun to destroy the kingdom of Judah. The Chaldean king, Nebuchadnezzar, had recently sacked the Temple in Jerusalem and taken many of the golden vessels that were contained in it. God was judging Judah for abandoning him and when a nation who has a relationship with God as Judah did and the United States used to have; it will always end up facing the wrath of God for turning against God and casting him out of its society. Judah had done that and thus the sacking of the Temple had occurred and much worse was on the horizon.

God spoke through Jeremiah and said what was essentially the opposite. Jerusalem would be taken and the Temple destroyed; no vessels taken by Nebuchadnezzar would be returned. A few years later, Jeremiah’s prophecy regarding the Temple and Jerusalem came to pass. Judah ceased to exist as a kingdom and the temple was completely destroyed. The vessels Hananiah spoke of remained in Babylon for many more years.

Today, all the prognosticators are telling us no president has ever been reelected with the numbers Obama has today. Soon, prophets of God will join in the chorus because they, too like the prophet Hananiah did, will not want to believe nor be able to accept the notion that God will destroy this country for turning its back on him. Some believe because of the Gospel being sent out to the world from the United States, the U.S. is basically too important or in others words, too big to fail for God to allow this to happen. But, God can spread the Gospel through the rocks if he has to and does not need a godless country that has abandoned him to continue to thumb its nose at him. He will and already has started to destroy us, and we have a narrow window in which to repent and turn back to him to stop this coming destruction of this country.

September 11, 2001 was God’s first big warning to us to repent. This nation did wonder if they were facing God’s punishment, although I have to say what happened is God lifted his hand of protection over us to allow that event to occur. The church leaders across the country though did not want to face any ridicule from the media so they said this event had nothing to do with God punishing us. The bottom line is, we did not repent. Many people who had not been going to any of the churches did rush to the churches, but they found those churches were as dead as their very own souls were in the inside. Seven years to the day after 9/11, in the Jewish calendar the stock market crash of 2008 occurred. What is the significance of that?

Every seventh year in the Torah, God commanded the Israelites to give the land a rest. Seven years to the day in the Jewish calendar after 9/11, we had not given this land rest from the evil that reigns in our society and we had not turned back to God. Thus the curse for not observing God’s commandment to give the land rest every seventh year struck us on the exact day that seventh year should have begun to be observed. Guess what is going to happen in the fall of 2015. Another stock market crash can be expected to occur, and this time it will be fatal. It will be too late to repent and turn back to God. This is our narrow window, and when this final judgment begins, the United States will face all the terror my book talks about and the end of this country will be at hand.