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The Chickens are Roosting

September 3, 2010

In 1 Samuel 4-6, the story is told of how Israel fought and lost to the Philistines in one battle after another. Israel considered themselves the enlightened nation and the one God blesses. They thought they were in good standing with God. They did not understand why they fell before the Philistines. They said, “Let us bring the ark of God into the camp and we shall be victorious. “Not only were they routed, but the Ark of the Covenant fell into the Philistines’ hands.

God’s people in this country cannot understand what has gone wrong here. They still think God is in the house, so to speak. They do not realize God has left us to ourselves to face the consequences of our actions of abandoning God’s principles. We have voted for and elected the evil into power, and somehow they do not understand why we are in this present situation? They think by an arm of the flesh (through becoming politically active which they should have done generations ago and by voting the ones in office out now) that they can turn things around now. It does not work that way.

Israel’s problem was that they forgot about God and were living in the world by being worldly. God and his principles were not important enough to them, so God let their abandonment of him lead to them falling before their enemies. God’s people in the United States have ignored God’s laws and principles to let the evil come into power and bring about their worldly agenda. The church has offered little more than lip service to what has been going on all these past decades. Now, the chickens have come home to roost.

What Israel had to have was a turning back to God. Samuel was able to do that to a certain degree by being a strong leader. What we have to have in this country is a turning back to God also. Electing the Republicans back into office is not turning back to God. God demands repentance. Without repentance, this country is doomed to fall. There is a reported Kenyan prophecy of about 100 years ago that tells of a son of Kenya (Obama’s father was a Kenyan) leading the United States to its destruction. We are on a road to destruction. My book “Jeremiah’s Prophecies: The End of the United States” talks about God increasing our present leader’s stranglehold over us after the next presidential election. This will happen if we do not repent now. One cannot play lip service to God and think God does not notice. God demands to be first in our life. If we reject God, he will reject us, and that is what is happening in the United States today. We were once the world’s leading lender; now we are the world’s greatest debtor nation. That is one of the curses God talks about coming on a nation in Deuteronomy 28 that has abandoned God and his principles. What can we do to save ourselves from our certain national destruction? There is only one solution despite what others like Glenn Beck may possibly suggest, and that is to repent.