The Coming Alliance with Washington

Recently, the Obama administration told the NASA chief something along the lines of having his agency reach out to the Muslim world. This act is simply one of preparing our government for further reach outs to the Muslim world. God has been showing me of an alliance to come of convenience like the one Nazi Germany had with Russia at the beginning of World War II. It is however, not a military alliance of which one would normally think, but really a religious alliance.

Since the beginning of our country, the United States has always had Congress open each session with prayer. We have a chaplain with his own office that performs this function, today. Things are about to change to some degree in the short run. It will be argued that Congress cannot respect one religion above another so an Islamic call to prayer must be included with the beginning of each session of Congress. This is the first big step the Obama administration will be making along with other Democrats to eventually (as planned) eradicate Christianity from our country. Mind you, it will take a lot more than this act, but this is only the beginning. Eventually, churches must be closed down and hounded by tax laws until the Christian church must go underground to seek refuge, just as it happened in the Soviet Union.

Why would the Obamoites want to eradicate Christianity? Well, the Communists of the Soviet Union knew that when the gospel is preached in a society, the message is designed to liberate people. The Obamoites want to bring the American public into bondage because that is how they can remain in power. So, the liberating word of the gospel must be removed from our society. That is why so many Democratic leaders are hostile to the Christian church today, because of its liberating theme. One cannot build a socialist utopia when the biblical word is there to contradict the teachings of socialism.

This alliance will only be an alliance of convenience. When Obama’s goal has been reached to eradicate Christianity in the U.S. to a tolerable degree, he will then turn on the Islamic religion in this country to suppress it also. Why would he do that? The reason is he is dominated by a spirit of antichrist. If you read the book of Revelation, you will discover that the one controlling the players behind the scenes (Satan) eventually wants all prayers to go to him through his antichrist. So, the Islamic prayer to Allah must also be removed. Satan will use this prayer to Allah for a season, but when the time is right, he will begin directing all prayer to himself.

“Jeremiah’s Prophecies: The End of the United States” reveals this spirit of antichrist that is in the White House, today. It is leading us to our destruction because this country has done more for the gospel than any other nation in the world. Satan must stop that, and the people in this country have become so complacent, they will elect anyone they feel will be better for their pocketbook. That means the people’s true god in this country is money; not God. God will not turn his back on our sin in this country for a moment longer. His judgment to destroy us has already begun. God calls on his people in the U.S. to repent now or else. We only have a small window of opportunity to turn things around by repenting before God says as expressed in my book, “I will listen to no prayer for your deliverance any more.”

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