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The USSR of America

March 23, 2010

Congress and Obama have now achieved a partial ripping up of the Constitution of the United States. Let me try to illustrate. Let us say I am working in my yard not bothering anyone. I in turn do not want to be bothered by anyone. I am self-sufficient at my home. I do not need a job to support myself but have all the money I need stored in my home. Granted I must pay a property tax for owning some land in my state, but outside of that, I do not owe anyone anything. I never leave my property; I have all the resources I need to live indefinitely.

This represents what the United States was like originally. I had freedoms to live as I please if I did not bother anyone else. Today with the passage of health care by Congress and Obama signing it into law, I no longer have that freedom. Just by living even though I am not bothering anyone, I must buy health insurance or be fined. I am not bothering anyone, but the government has come to my home to bother me. I have just lost a significant amount of freedom.

Freedom in the United States is a thing of the past. The federal government has taken away many of our freedoms and will continue to do so. All of this is described in my book, “Jeremiah’s Prophecies: The End of the United States.” The prophecies I have made are coming to pass one by one before my eyes. It is true there will be a backlash against the Democrats, but it will not be permanent. God brought Obama and the Democrats into power to judge this nation. God offers us only one way to save this country from its ultimate fall and that is for his people to repent and turn this country back to God.

Our Founding Fathers originally created the Articles of Confederation. They had in mind a relatively weak federal government with the states possessing the majority of power. Because the federal government depended on the states for revenue, it fell apart. Our Founding Fathers decided they needed to give the federal government a better way to raise revenue. They did not change their minds about the majority of the power being given to the states, so they listed powers the federal government had and left all other power to the states.

When the income tax laws came into being, the federal government began its power grab. It over time got more and more money from the states and began offering the states money with strings attached. The states began ceding their powers given to them in the Constitution to the federal government. Today, the states have very little power and to our Founding Fathers’ greatest fear, the federal government possesses almost all the power. We have moved into a tyranny for all to see evidenced by just what has happened with this health care bill. In Proverbs 28:15-16 it says, “As a roaring lion and a ranging bear; so is a wicked ruler over the poor people. The prince that lacks understanding is also a great oppressor.” The poor are not going to benefit from this health care bill. It is simply meant to make more people dependent on the government. Some have simply traded from being a slave to plantation owners to being slaves to the federal government. It is a different master, but the same desire to control other people by any means.

We have very little time before it will become too late to save this nation. God demands repentance and he will not change his mind about this. There is a law of the universe that says whatever you sow , you will also reap. We in this country have turned away from God and now we have begun to reap the consequences of our betrayal of God.


America Pursues a Lie

March 6, 2010

In 586 BC, King Zedekiah of Judah had been told by Jeremiah to give himself up to the Chaldeans so Jerusalem would not be destroyed. Jeremiah was delivering God’s warning to him. Zedekiah though feared the consequences he imagined that were conceived from his heart more than the words Jeremiah delivered to him. He tried to escape from Jerusalem unnoticed by the Chaldeans who had Jerusalem under seige. He was captured a short time later and imprisoned for life, thereafter.

Why did Zedekiah flee? He had the heart of a liar. Liars are people who do not trust others. They think everyone else is a liar. A liar cannot conceive that there can actually be people who are truthful. For that reason Zedekiah did not believe the message Jeremiah delivered him, because he believed that not only was Jeremiah a liar, but God was a liar. Zedekiah had no confidence in God’s word.

The ancient Greeks created their own gods who had passions just like them. Their gods could love, hate and lie. Why? Because they had hearts of a liar, too. They could not conceive that a god could be truthful because they did not have a relationship with the one true God whose name is Truth. God has told us in his word that Satan is a liar and is the father of lies. Everyone who cannot trust others has the heart of a liar and has fallen for Satan’s lies meant to lead us to our destruction.

Today, the United States is being led to its destruction by Satan and his lies. The leaders of this country have the heart of a liar and are leading the United States down the path of no return. A financial collapse is going to occur; it can no longer be avoided. We are told things are going to get better, but it is a lie. We are living on borrowed time. The Soviet Union collapsed financially and now it is our turn.

God has been warning the people of the United States to repent, but the people of the United States do not believe God speaks truth because overall, they have the heart of a liar. That is the reason they keep electing people like Obama who only know one thing because their heart is dark. Lying achieves their goal. Every word they utter is a lie, and they believe and know the American people as a whole want to believe  the lies they tell.  No one wants to believe things can get worse. I do not want to believe it. However, God has been warning us things are going to get worse, because we have turned away from Him and cast Him out of our society.

God told me to write “Jeremiah’s Prophecies: The End of the United States” to warn us in this country to repent before it is too late. We have to turn back to God or this nation will fall just as the Soviet Union fell. There will be chaos and anarchy coming into this country in the near future. When we crash financially, our powerful military will cease to exist. We will be at the mercy of others. All of this is described in my book. This can only be avoided if this nation turns back to God. It is time to stop believing the lies and stop believing that God is a liar. We are in need of a heart change. Repenting is the only solution. That is the only way we can believe that God is not a liar, and that when He warns us his judgment on this country is coming; then those words of warning are not a lie.