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Jeremiah’s Prophecies

October 13, 2009

God instructed me to rewrite the book of Jeremiah for today. It is specifically written for people in the United States in which God is calling on its people to repent or face His rapidly approaching judgment. God calls on the church to repent and do what it takes to save the U.S. from destruction. The title of my book is “Jeremiah’s Prophecies: The End of the United States.” In this book, prophecies are given for the United States and other countries.

This book gives prophecies on who will win the next presidential election. It reveals the spirits operating in Washington D.C. leading the U.S. to its demise. It gives prophecies on coming end time world events which coincide strikingly with the prophecies given in the book of Revelation. It describes events leading to the end of the Gentile Age as prophesied in the book of Daniel.

If you want to know what the future holds for the world and the U.S., then this is the book to read. It hints at who the Antichrist may be as well as the events that lead to Armageddon. Some prophecies are open to interpretation, but the prophecies in this book clearly coincide with the end time prophecies found in the Bible.

Here is a short excerpt from the book:

“Look now and see that the spirit of Nebuchadnezzar is already in

your land. Look at the havoc it is causing. Your divisions are greater

now than they have ever been. This spirit named Nebuchadnezzar will

finish the work he has started on the United States. Only turning to

Me and repenting for your sins can turn my wrath from you. Your cities

will fall to the enemy as he rapes your land. No leader shall escape the

tenacity with which the enemy will lunge at him. Nebuchadnezzar will

charm him with his words and stab him in the back. Those who flee

in time will leave this country, never to return.

“It is a right move to free those who are brought under tyranny,

but the hearts of the leaders of America speak of such things only to

deceive. They seek power to increase their importance. It is out of their

selfishness they speak of being a champion of the disadvantaged. Because

these leaders speak one thing and then do another, I shall bring their

sins down on their heads. They have disregarded Me as important and

cast Me aside for their gain. Therefore I will remove them from their

positions. I will make their names a curse. All who voted for them will

speak of them as dishonest and dishonorable. They will be ruined and

will never rise again to power. They have lived their lives as the privileged

but will end their lives in poverty. I have noticed their actions and their

words and have written down their hypocrisy in my book.

“You leaders of the United States, I hold you responsible for the

deceit and corruption in your hearts. You have neither hearkened to my

words nor had pity on the poor. You have passed your laws in secrecy

hoping no one would find you out. You feed yourselves with privileges

and dole out crumbs to those who serve you. I am delivering you into

the hand of the enemy. I will make you the crumbs for the birds to eat.

I will take your riches and give them to others. I will make you helpless

before the army that will supplant you from your seats. Washington,

D.C., will be given to the enemy to plunder and destroy, never to rise again.”frontcover